Finding Sign Makers Near Me

For years, I wanted to open my own business. I had wanted to own a primitive store with antiques and country items. I didn’t have the extra money to make my dreams a reality until I had inherited some money. I never had the opportunity to take a chance like this because I knew I couldn’t afford to miss any work. I was finally going to be able to take the chance.

Before I opened, I wanted to do a few other things to get ready. I wanted to order a business sign, so I started searching for an affordable sign company near me to do the job. I searched around and found a few companies around. I found them on Facebook, and I was able to read the reviews about them there too. I decided to contact them to see if they would be able to make the sign the way I wanted it made. I got the estimates from both of them. One of them had lower prices than the other place I had checked. I decided to get my sign from them.

I called the sign company near me back and let them know I was interested in getting a sign made. I asked them how quickly they could have it done and they let me know that they could have it within the next week. I was really excited that everything was coming together and my store would be opening soon.

I found the perfect location for my new store and started looking into distributors and other places to get antique items. I found several places that were selling primitive items like decor and candles. I placed my order for these types of items and prepped my store while waiting for them to arrive in the mail. I also went to some auctions so I could get other antique items to add to my selection. I wanted a broad selection of items and not just primitive things. I was able to get some really great deals on old tools and other antiques. I knew people were going to love these items and they wouldn’t be for sale long.

I got my store set up and had marked the calendar with an opening day. I let everyone know that I was going to be opening and which day it was going to be. It was easy to let people know because I made a Facebook page to reach as many people as possible.


The sign company got the sign done faster than they had anticipated and I was pretty excited about that. I got my husband and one of his friends to hang the sign for me as soon as I got it. It was just perfect, and the sign was affordable.

Opening day for the store went great, and many customers said the sign made the store easier to find especially since I posted a picture on Facebook of it.